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Hey, it's Pat Wilpenter's About page!

Hi there! I grew up in a simpler time with my younger brother, a Dad and a Mum, a pushbike and a floppy-eared Golden Cocker Spaniel with a beautiful temperament.

Naturally we called her Goldie.

But right now, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I'd like you to know about me is that I'm a fan of clean and wholesome fiction. And that's what I write. Especially clean and wholesome romance and romantic suspense.

My early books were described as medical mystery thrillers but lately I've steered away from medical content because frankly I have no medical training - and it shows in my writing. With every new book, my goal is to give you what I call a good clean read.

Okay, back to my folks...

My Dad was a hard working chap who was always there to help friends and neighbors. He started life as the youngest of six children in Albany, Western Australia. It's a small coastal holiday town near the bottom left of Australia if you can picture the map. Dad started his working life as an apprentice tailor.

My Mum was a farmer's daughter from near Wagin, also in the south west of WA. She met my Dad when they were both in the Air Force. After they married, Mum did a stint as a dental nurse during the evenings to save up the money to buy a piano.

Music figured prominently in our house. Mum played the piano for church. And we had many a singalong on nights when friends came over. And yes, I took piano lessons in case you were wondering.

Dad had built a brick barbeque in the backyard. A really solid structure with a tall chimney. And it got a solid workout over the years because my childhood was blessed with many happy backyard barbeques with the kids scampering around and generally having lots of harmless fun. Those evenings almost always finished up with most of us gathered around the piano for a singalong.

With (or without) my brother, there were many bike rides from our house... over the big hill... and down the other side to Scarborough Beach. We didn't have the money to buy a surfboard but that's okay because I could never figure out how to stand up on one of those things anyway. Ah, but body surfing -- that was my thing. Loved it.

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And no, I was never bitten by a shark or drowned. Shark sightings were not uncommon. But we felt safe because all through the long beach season, volunteer life savers kept watch from their high observation towers. When the shark alarm sounded, we all swam like champions to get out of the water.

Education? Yes, my folks didn't have opportunity for much schooling when they were young but they saw its value and we boys were both given every encouragement to do well in school. Which we mostly did.

My education has been all over the place, literally... from failing my first (and only) shot at economics at the University of Western Australia, then off to the UK where I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in theology and communications which set me up for serving as a church pastor for 20+ years. First in New Zealand and then in Australia. It's a role that I loved.

While living in Sydney many years later, I picked up a Diploma of Freelance Journalism and then a mature-age computing degree... called a Bachelor of Internet Science & Technology. Yep, I know. It's a mouthful, isn't it?

We've now retired and finally I've got time for writing. And as you've guessed by now, the Doctor Tess stories were released under the pen name of Pat Wilpenter.

Thanks for popping in today.

Gary Harvey
aka, Pat Wilpenter

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"My goal is to give you what I call a good clean read." [more]

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