Clean and wholesome romantic suspense
Can Romantic Suspense Thrillers also be Clean and Wholesome?

Can Romantic Suspense Thrillers also be Clean and Wholesome Romances?
Pat Wilpenter's Readers say Yes, They Sure Can!

The romantic thrillers you'll find here are indeed clean and wholesome. Take a look at these heart-warming tales…

Book 1: Sudden Death

Sudden Death ecover

A mystery medical condition starts killing hospital patients. Can Doctor Tess diagnose the cause before more patients die? Meet the sweet heroine, and experience the start of her clean and wholesome romance!

What’s with the cover? As you read the story, you’ll see why the patient has those red eyes. The good news is – this is NOT a horror story! It’s a clean action-packed short story to introduce you to the kind-hearted heroine and the man who will change her life.

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Book 2: Young Blood

clean and wholesome medical mystery thriller book

Dr. Tess discovered a cure for dementia. Now, somebody wants her DEAD.

What will it take to keep her alive so she can save more lives? A medical romantic suspense thriller book.

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Book 3: Honeymoon Roadkill

Clean and wholesome suspense thriller

Her dream honeymoon in Australia took a nasty turn when death came calling on the same road where her father had been killed.

Coincidence or something more sinister? Tess had to find out. A clean and wholesome medical romantic suspense thriller story.

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Book 4: Honeymoon Hostages

clean and wholesome romantic suspense thriller book

As the newlyweds cruised down a country road, a blood-soaked police officer waved them down. Trouble is... he wasn't a cop!

In Honeymoon Hostages, you’ll enjoy another clean and wholesome romance that is also a romantic suspense thriller book.

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Book 5: Rescuing Bella

Clean and wholesome mystery suspense thriller

16-year-old Bella from Wichita is kidnapped in South Africa.

How on earth did Tess get involved? And will the girl still be alive when they find her? Something different for fans of romantic suspense thriller books!

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The Doctor Tess series


A good clean read

"My goal is to give you what I call a good clean read." [more]

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