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Rescuing Bella

A Doctor Tess Mystery Thriller

16-year-old Bella from Wichita is kidnapped in South Africa. Will they find her? Alive? While reeling from a life-changing shock, Tess and Jayson fly to Johannesburg. Before long, they get caught up in a desperate search for the teenager. She’s the daughter of a workaholic Wichita businessman, and she’s been kidnapped. Rescuing Bella is book 5 in the Doctor Tess series and is a stand-alone mystery suspense thriller of 140+ pages. Once again, readers can…

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Honeymoon Roadkill – Entertaining, Interesting, and Informative

The clean and sweet Doctor Tess Scott series continues in Honeymoon Roadkill with Dr. Tess and Dr. Jayson Riggings, her newly wed husband, honeymooning in Australia, the land of Dr. Tess’s birth. The reader soon finds Dr. Tess and Dr. Jayson makes a good detective as well as a medical team as they investigate a strange series of accidents near their honeymoon spot of Jumbuck, a small town in Queensland. Suspense builds as the author skillfully blends romance, mystery, and details about life in small town Australia into a story that is entertaining and informative. Several local characters that Tess and […]

Young Blood

Dr. Tess found the cure for dementia. Now somebody wants her DEAD. If you’re a fan of medical thriller books, it’s time you met Tess, a young doctor who is utterly dedicated to using her medical skills to relieve human suffering. When a billionaire shares his heartache about his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s, she devotes herself to finding a cure. Ironically, her life-saving discovery plunges Tess into unexpected dangers in this fast-paced medical thriller. She’s risking her life doing this, and her colleagues are all in danger too. How many people need to die before the craziness stops? Motorcycles and […]

Sudden Death

If you love medical thriller books, it’s time you met 29 year old Dr Tess Scott. And you can do that right now, at no cost. Yes, “Sudden Death” is now available FREE through Amazon and other online book stores. A mystery medical condition starts killing hospital patients. Tess is utterly dedicated to using her medical skills to relieve human suffering. And that was working well enough until one particular Tuesday. Her investigations spiral into unexpected dangers in this fast-moving medical thriller. Readers of this short story will enjoy crisp clean language as they get to know a heart warming heroine. […]

Posting Your Review To Multiple Amazon Sites

If you really like a book, did you know you can help the author by posting your 4-star or 5-star review to multiple Amazon sites, not just the site where you bought the book? It’s so EASY to do. Here’s how. Step 1, visit these English-speaking Amazon sites and create an account at each one. If you’re already registered with amazon.com, there are only three sites to join. And, of course, you only need to do this once. The easiest way is to use the same login username and the same password at every Amazon site. (For security reasons, you’d never do that […]