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Young Blood - Medical romantic suspense thriller book & a good clean read by Pat Wilpenter

Young Blood
A medical romantic suspense thriller book

clean and wholesome medical mystery thriller bookDr. Tess discovered a cure for dementia. Now somebody wants her DEAD. What will it take to keep Tess alive so she can save more lives?

When a billionaire shares his heartache about his father's battle with Alzheimer's, she devotes herself to finding a cure. Ironically, her life-saving discovery plunges Tess into unexpected dangers in this fast-paced medical romantic suspense thriller book.

She's risking her life doing this, and her colleagues are all in danger too. How many people need to die before the craziness stops?

If you're a fan of the romantic suspense thriller genre, it's time you met Tess, a young doctor who is dedicated to using her medical skills to relieve human suffering.

Readers will enjoy crisp clean language as they get to know a heart warming heroine in this romantic suspense thriller.

Motorcycles and medicine, crime and compassion, rage and romance. It's all here, mixed to thrill and move you.

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What readers have said about Young Blood

A Compelling Medical Mystery. Wish Dr. Tess Scott Was My Doctor

"In "Young Blood" Dr. Tess continues her work as a compassionate young doctor. One you'll want to cheer for and read more about. The author, Pat Wilpenter, has skillfully created a compelling story and series, rich in well developed characters.

The writing style is simple and direct, yet retains interest as the story unfolds with several twists and turns. The book is the second in a series I'm sure will be successful. Medical jargon is presented in a way that makes it interesting and understandable.

In this book Dr. Tess takes on a disease affecting millions of aging patients. The story is based on facts about the disease. While fiction "Young Blood" will resonate with anyone serving as a caregiver, or who has contact with aging parents, family members or friends.

Don't let the subject matter put you off. This is a well written first class medical mystery thriller.

I look forward to more uplifting and interesting Dr. Tess adventures."

Amazon review of Young Blood by Gerald Greene. 5/5 stars.

A good read, I recommend it highly

"I have read both of Ms. Wilpenter's "Tess" books. I really like the second one the most because I have an interest in the subject. My mother and my grandfather both died with dementia though Mom's was diagnosed as Alzheimer's. If there was a cure or moderator as in the book, it would benefit millions, and relieve the stress and fear of hundreds of millions.

She developed her characters further in this book. She also showed the anguish of the families of those patients. I've lived it and I respect her efforts.

It makes for a good read, I recommend it highly."

Amazon review by Tomball writer (TOMBALL, TX, US). 5/5 stars.

Gritty medical crime drama... with class!

"This medical thriller was focused on a very interesting concept and grounded by some truly likeable characters...

As much as I liked sweet doctor Tess, I found myself unexpectedly drawn to the entire Hoy family. Since I didn't care for them at first, I see it as a mark of a skilled author when you grow to like characters instead of being expected to like them from the start.

Interestingly enough, even though the author occasionally gave glimpses behind the scenes into the bad guys' motives and actions, the suspense kept me on my toes throughout the book... So much so, I found myself sighing with relief when something DIDN'T happen almost as often as I was surprised when something DID!

The writing is well-crafted and nicely paced, and completely enjoyable.

A factor I found refreshing, particularly in the mystery thriller genre, was the GOOD and CLEAN nature of the book... Those looking for a "gritty crime drama" won't feel slighted by the lack of foul language and gory details. Similarly, those looking for likeable characters with good morals won't be disappointed... Author Pat Wilpenter handles both with aplomb."

Amazon review by Kristen Taylor. 5/5 stars.

A suspenseful, thrilling read

"This book will take you on a ride. I really enjoyed this and found it hard to put down. The characters develop nicely throughout the story and the turning points were perfectly placed as to create great suspense and an overall thrilling read. Would recommend this if you like mysteries/thrillers."

Amazon review of Young Blood by Jake. 5/5 stars.

I absolutely loved it!

"When you start reading the book you start getting the feeling that something isn't right. As you keep reading, you try to put the pieces together only to realize what you thought is not the case. The book keeps you on edge turning the pages trying to figure out just who is behind what, just to realize you're wrong again. This book is well written. I absolutely loved it!"

Amazon review by Peggy Salkill (UNDERCOVER BOOK REVIEWS). 5/5 stars.

A great page turner!

"A great page turner! Fast paced and easy read. It will keep your interest until the very end!"

Amazon review by Robin R Bowman. 5/5 stars.

The Doctor Tess series


A good clean read

"My goal is to give you what I call a good clean read." [more]

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