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Sudden Death - Medical mystery thriller short story - a good clean read by Pat Wilpenter

Sudden Death
A medical mystery thriller short story

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A mysterious condition starts killing her E.R. patients. Can Dr. Tess diagnose the cause before more people have to die?

Sudden Death is the fast-moving SHORT STORY that introduces readers to young Dr. Tess.

She's sweet and caring and as one reviewer said, “I wish Dr. Tess was my doctor.”

So what's with the cover?

As you read the story, you'll see why the patient has red eyes. The good news is - this is NOT a horror story! It's a clean action-packed short story to introduce you to the sweet heroine and the man who will change her life.



What readers have said about Sudden Death

Conspiracy and Mystery

"If you like your thrillers with a hint of conspiracy that has a real life edge to it, this is for you. I really like the way the author does not get bogged down in details which slow the pace. I am not a fan of explicit medical details and so this book had just the right amount of detail for me.

Pacey and engaging you are rushed along with no chance to draw breath.

Flash fiction that will give you your daily dose of entertainment without profanity and gore!"

Amazon review by L. J. Gordon. 5/5 stars.

Something Different

"I found this book to be something different. Instead of just having a story there are some interesting extras which help to make the heroine more real. It's a great, engaging story which is very easy to get settled in to. This book is well worth a read."

Amazon review by Michael Finlayson TOP 1000 REVIEWER (UK). 4/5 stars.

What a great little medical thriller

"More than just a short story, "Why Are My Patients Dying?" [later expanded, given a new cover and renamed as Sudden Death] is a great start to the Dr Tess Investigates: A Medical Thriller, City West Hospital Series. It is nicely written, the action and thrills non-stop and fast-paced.

I will definitely be on the look-out for Dr. Tess in the next installment. Great Job!"

Amazon review by Catherine M. Edwards. 5/5 stars.

Short, rivetting and leaves you wanting more

"This short novella is engaging right from the start. The story is fast paced and intriguing and the main character is very likeable. A solid start to an exciting series."

Amazon review by Maggie Faye (South Australia). 5/5 stars.

Short Story With Great Pace and Impact: The author does an amazing job

"The author does an amazing job of developing the main character, D. Tess Scott, in such a short story. Interest in Dr. Scott and the outcome of the medical thriller builds from the start.

"Why Are My Patients Dying?" [later expanded, given a new cover and renamed as Sudden Death] offers a good lesson for writers. It's not the length of a story that's so important but how well the story is told. There is just enough attention to medical detail to give the tale authenticity while the plot races on.

Highly recommended."

Amazon review by Gerald Greene. 5/5 stars.

Interesting Style

"This author has an interesting style for telling this story. Although it was a short story, the additional letters written by the main character and the interview type Q & A at the end gave the character and story more depth.

Needless to say, the way the author told the story kept my interest until the very end.

Well done."

Amazon review by Heather Quinton (Toronto, Ontario). 5/5 stars.

Magnificent Medical Mystery

"Have you ever read a book that's so engaging that you just don't want it to end? This is that book.

"Why Are My Patients Dying?" [later expanded, given a new cover and renamed as Sudden Death] introduces Dr. Tess Scott, a young doctor in charge of a small hospital Emergency Room. Dr. Scott must track down what is causing a series of patients to die mysteriously. Her search soon uncovers something more than coincidental, something quite sinister ...

Dr. Scott is immediately established as a caring, inquisitive, and thoroughly likable person. The story is fast paced and exciting, and leaves you wanting more.

And there is more! The author, Pat Wilpenter, has cleverly included a bit of back story for Dr. Scott. Through Tess's letters to her mother and an interview with the doctor, Mr. Wilpenter adds to Dr. Scott's already endearing humanity. I am looking forward to new adventures!"

Amazon review by Robert C. Brown. 5/5 stars.

An interesting read

"I make it a practice to check the length of an ebook before I purchase. This one fooled me. It ended quite abruptly and way too soon. Then I read the appendices. The author had taken a unique approach with this book. The plot and then the backstory. She combined a mystery with a conspiracy that reached all the way to the White House.

It was an interesting for me since I am a fan of the Robin Cook medical thrillers.. It also reminded me of the Dr. G Medical Investigator series on TV. It would be interesting to see an offering from this author in a full length novel."

Amazon review by Richard Blackmon (TOMBALL, TX, US). 5/5 stars.

Pace was perfect

"This is a fast-paced story that I found very interesting. The pace was perfect for me. I read it in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like these kinds of stories, you won't regret picking this up."

Amazon review by Jake. 5/5 stars.


Back in the day...

Sudden Death was originally published as "Why Are My Patients Dying?"

Shortly after its release, it hit #1 in the Medical Fiction Best Sellers list. Guess who was excited! Later it was expanded, given a new cover and renamed as Sudden Death.

Best Seller in Medical Fiction

Medical Thriller and Political Suspense Novella

"Why Are My Patients Dying, a novella medical thriller by debut author Pat Wilpenter, introduces Dr. Tess Scott, a physician protagonist determined to find the cause of her patients' mysterious deaths. The author carefully draws Tess as a caring physician who resolves to solve these unusual cases not just to satisfy her curiosity, but because she empathizes with the families and friends who are affected by the loss of these patients. It is for those families that Tess continues to investigate the reason behind her ER's recent influx of dying patients. Wilpenter does a great job expanding this medical thriller into the realms of a political suspense story with a surprising antagonist."

Amazon review by avidreader. 5/5 stars.

Loved It! Can't Wait to Read More

"Loved it! Pat Wilpenter’s Dr. Tess series will leave you on the edge of your seat! Great book and it is short enough to get through in a single session where you can finish the entire story, perhaps while waiting in a doctor’s office.

In Why are my Patient’s Dying, the author builds up enough character development to keep you coming back for more.

I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series to see what happens next!"

Amazon review by Gerry Marrs. 5/5 stars.

A Good Read... Expect More From This Author

"This is my first time I am exposed to a medical thriller this author. Although, there are only 33 pages rather short, I should say. This book is a good read.

There are some sentences or quotations that I wanted to share how good is this author displayed her writing skills. "Jorge probably has a wife and children - and now, he's gone. A strong looking man in the prime of his life - and now he's dead. What caused this?" This short paragraph really starts the whole plot that made reader intrigued on why the patients are dying.

The author does a great job instilling some curiosity, but I do expect more from this author. She should expand the plot.

This short story has a modern day setting. Most of the scenes are in the hospital. There are various scenes in the hospital that are worth exploring.

The main character is none other than Dr Tess Scott. She is a medical doctor vowed to help fellow human beings with a compassionate heart. There are several instances that she struggled to save a patient in the ER, however, she tells herself why she have to do that and how to be a better ER doctor. The character portrayed the weaker aspect of the human heart.

What I like best of this plot is that it is fast paced, exciting, simple follow with some medical saving scenes. Of course, there are some twists along the way that I was caught surprise. Don't be fooled it's pages. It's not the quantity, but the quality of the story.

This book is great for teens, young adults, and even mature readers like myself. If you like great suspense thriller like what I like to write, you'll definitely get lots of entertainment and enjoyment out of this short story.

If there's one thing I'd change about this book, it would be to create the cover with a doctor treating patients having a hospital in the background. The author should add more dialogues, scenes not limiting to hospital only. But overall, I like the story and the plot.

This book looked great on my Kindle Fire tablet. It has good formatting and layout."

Amazon review by Zhu Hsia. 4/5 stars.

Engaging Novella That Teases

"I have to admit that when I saw the length of this book I did not expect much. 33 pages hardly seems like enough room to introduce characters and make readers care about what happens to them. "Why Are My Patients Dying?" proved me wrong.

Author Pat Wilpenter manages to create an engaging central character in Dr. Tess Scott, who is caught up in finding the cause of a recent rash of mysterious deaths in the ER.

I will check in again to read about the good doctor's further adventures."

Amazon review by Jeffrey Littorno. 5/5 stars.

A Compelling, Disturbing Medical Scare

"Why Are My Patients Dying? may be short, but it is chock full of tense, adrenaline-filled moments.

Dr. Tess Scott is a varied and complex character, one who reacts realistically as a slew of people begin to die inexplicably in the E.R. I enjoyed the medical mystery of this book and the way little clues lead you along the path. It's hard not to get caught up in the mystery. For suspense and intrigue, this one's a sure win."

Amazon review by Marshall Hanks. 5/5 stars.

A Suspense Medical Thriller With Personality

“This book is the first in a series about Dr. Tess and her adventures.

It is fast paced and keeps your attention all the way. There is a lot of action in this short book, and it is well worth your time to be carried away with Dr. Tess on her wild and exciting medical investigations.

Dr. Tess is a caring and uncompromising physician and she never gives up until she solves the mystery of why her patients are dying in front of her eyes, even though it put her own life in danger.

Good read!”

Amazon review  by Tom E. 4/5 stars.

Scary and interesting. Totally hooked.

"Wasn't a fan of thrillers, but came across this book, got interested in the cover and decided to get and read.

Scary story, but totally hooked.

Looking forward to more."

Amazon review by J.A.Golden. 5/5 stars.

Awesome Read

"I'm always looking for thrillers, and this book didn't let me down. Packed with great characters "Why are my Patients Dying" will keep you riveted to the end - Thanks"

Amazon review by EB. 5/5 stars.

Eagerly Awaiting The Next Book

"I absolutely loved this medical thriller. The author Pat Wilpenter is a descriptive writer that keep you engaged in the story the entire way through.

The character of Dr. Tess is well thought out and you get a good sense of her character from the start of the book.

I have to say I was disappointed when I came to the end of the book wanting more. I am eagerly awaiting the next book this author."

Amazon review by Alexxis. 5/5 stars.

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