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Posting Book Reviews To Multiple Amazon Sites

Posting Your Review To Multiple Amazon Sites

If you really like a book, did you know you can help the author by posting your 4-star or 5-star review to multiple Amazon sites, not just the site where you bought the book?

It's so EASY to do. Here's how, for Amazon.

First, visit the English-speaking Amazon sites and create an account at each one. If you're already registered with Amazon, there are only three other sites to join. And, of course, you only need to do this once.

The easiest way is to use the same login username and the same password at every Amazon site. (For security reasons, you'd never do that with your other logins, especially anything financial, but I'm sure you knew that already.)

Honeymoon Hostages

Let me give you an example, using HONEYMOON HOSTAGES as the book we're reviewing.

Step 1, open the HONEYMOON HOSTAGES page at each of the Amazon sites:

Opening the book's page at each Amazon national site is as simple as opening the link in 4 different tabs. Then in the second tab, you change the "com" into "ca" for Canada. And in the third tab, you change it into "" for Australia. And in fourth tab, you change it into "" for the UK.

Then in each page, scroll down till you see this...
Honeymoon Roadkill cover

Step 2, write your review, then copy and paste it into all sites. Or write something different at each site if you wish.

Getting strong positive reviews is a great way to show your support for an author you appreciate, and it's especially helpful when a book is newly published. Posting multiple Kindle reviews for the same book is even more helpful, as you help readers in different markets take note of the book.

So thank you for considering this.

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