A good read, I recommend it highly

A Cure for Dementia “I have read both of Ms. Wilpenter’s “Tess” books. I really like the second one the most because I have an interest in the subject. My mother and my grandfather both died with dementia though Mom’s was diagnosed as Alzheimer’s. If there was a cure or moderator as in the book, it would benefit millions, and relieve the stress and fear of hundreds of millions. She developed her characters further in this book. She also showed the anguish of the families of those patients. I’ve lived it and I respect her efforts. It makes for a […]

I absolutely loved it!

“When you start reading the book you start getting the feeling that something isn’t right. As you keep reading, you try to put the pieces together only to realize what you thought is not the case. The book keeps you on edge turning the pages trying to figure out just who is behind what, just to realize you’re wrong again. This book is well written. I absolutely loved it!” Review of Young Blood by Peggy Salkill (UNDERCOVER BOOK REVIEWS). 5/5 stars.

Young Blood

Dr. Tess found the cure for dementia. Now somebody wants her DEAD. If you’re a fan of medical thriller books, it’s time you met Tess, a young doctor who is utterly dedicated to using her medical skills to relieve human suffering. When a billionaire shares his heartache about his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s, she devotes herself to finding a cure. Ironically, her life-saving discovery plunges Tess into unexpected dangers in this fast-paced medical thriller. She’s risking her life doing this, and her colleagues are all in danger too. How many people need to die before the craziness stops? Motorcycles and […]