Current Books

Here are the books I currently have available…

Doctor Tess Series

Book 1: Sudden Death – Available here: USA, UK, CA, AUS, ASIN: B00JFJYORW
A mystery medical condition starts killing hospital patients.

Book 2: Young Blood – Available here: USA, UK, CA, AUS, ASIN: B00ON3Z3UW
Dr. Tess found the cure for dementia. Now somebody wants her DEAD.

Book 3: Honeymoon Roadkill – Available here: USA, UK, CA, AUS, ASIN: B00UQ815FK
Her dream honeymoon in Australia took a nasty turn when death came calling on the same road where her father had been killed.

Box Set of Books 1, 2 & 3 – Available here: USA, UK, CA, AUS, ASIN: B00VD7N9R0

Book 4: Honeymoon Hostages – Available here: USA, UK, CA, AUS, ASIN: B016GXMMLE
Chained up in an old shed, it’s not the honeymoon they’d dreamed of.

The Honeymoon Box Set (Books 3 & 4) – Available here: USA, UK, CA, AUS, ASIN: B01AVCN9O0

Book 5: Rescuing Bella – Available here: USA, UK, CA, AUS, ASIN: B01BGBSMZG
16-year-old Bella from Wichita is kidnapped in South Africa. Will they find her alive?

Book 6: Coming…

Books 1-6: Box Set: Coming…


Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Available here: USA, UK, CA, AUS, ASIN: B014VUUFTU
Our daughter Heather’s CFS success story.

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