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A Compelling Medical Mystery. Wish Dr. Tess Scott Was My Doctor

A Compelling Medical Mystery. Wish Dr. Tess Scott Was My Doctor. In “Young Blood” Dr. Tess continues her work as a compassionate young doctor. One you’ll want to cheer for and read more about. The author, Pat Wilpenter, has skillfully created a compelling story and series, rich in well developed characters. [tweetthis]”A compelling story and series, rich in well developed characters”[/tweetthis] The writing style is simple and direct, yet retains interest as the story unfolds with several twists and turns. The book is the second in a series I’m sure will be successful. Medical jargon is presented in a way […]

Gritty medical crime drama… with class!

“This medical thriller was focused on a very interesting concept and grounded by some truly likeable characters… As much as I liked sweet doctor Tess, I found myself unexpectedly drawn to the entire Hoy family. Since I didn’t care for them at first, I see it as a mark of a skilled author when you grow to like characters instead of being expected to like them from the start. Interestingly enough, even though the author occasionally gave glimpses behind the scenes into the bad guys’ motives and actions, the suspense kept me on my toes throughout the book… So much […]

A good read, I recommend it highly

A Cure for Dementia “I have read both of Ms. Wilpenter’s “Tess” books. I really like the second one the most because I have an interest in the subject. My mother and my grandfather both died with dementia though Mom’s was diagnosed as Alzheimer’s. If there was a cure or moderator as in the book, it would benefit millions, and relieve the stress and fear of hundreds of millions. She developed her characters further in this book. She also showed the anguish of the families of those patients. I’ve lived it and I respect her efforts. It makes for a […]