Box Set

Honeymoon Roadkill AND Honeymoon Hostages: TWO Romantic Suspense Medical Thrillers (Doctor Tess Box Sets Book 2)

Take one part sweet romance, one part medical thriller, one part suspense. Throw in some action adventure, and what do we have?

The Doctor Tess series, starring the lovely Tess and her husband Jayson, who are newlyweds in these two stories.

In this Honeymoon 2-Pack, you’ll get…


Her dream honeymoon in Australia took a nasty turn when death came calling on the very same road where her father was killed two years earlier. Coincidence or suspicious? Dr. Tess had to find out. This is book 3 of the Doctor Tess series and is a standalone medical thriller of 109 pages (30,000 words). It is also a sweet romance.



Chained up in a dirty old shed, it’s not the honeymoon they’d dreamed of. Two young doctors, very much in love, become kidnapping victims in rural Queensland. Fans of both romance and medical thrillers will enjoy Honeymoon Hostages which features the lovely Dr. Tess and her devoted husband Jayson as they deal with the worst crisis of their lives. This is book 4 of the Doctor Tess series and is a stand-alone sweet romantic suspense thriller of 42 pages (10,500 words).

Pat Wilpenter writes heart-warming stories without swearing, sexual descriptions or graphic violence. In other words, “a good clean read”.

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