Beating CFS

Heather’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Story

The encouraging true story of how one teenage sufferer conquered CFS and now lives a happy, productive and fulfilling life.

Discover what helped and what didn’t.

And read Heather’s frank comments about tackling the black dog of DEPRESSION.

Is CFS all in your head?

Join our family as we share the highly personal story of how Heather dealt with the cruel realities of CFS. Including the black dog of depression.

Table of Contents:

CFS is not rare
At 13, the world was her oyster
Photos: Before, during & after CFS
Five doctors in one month but no progress
How we knew it was CFS
Treatments, potions and other whiz-bangery
At last, a solid diagnosis from a medical specialist
What actually helped Heather’s CFS
The medical specialist’s letter
Medical information about CFS
Dealing with social isolation
Dealing with the black dog of depression
Was there a risk of suicide?
Is CFS all in your head?
Schooling: Here’s what worked for us
Things you can do even with CFS
Things to avoid with CFS
How does CFS affect your work and marriage?
Lessons learned, and advice to the CFS sufferer and family
More CFS success stories
Websites you might find useful
A final smile

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