A Good Clean Read

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Not so long ago, a million-selling Kindle author released a new book. A crime thriller if I recall correctly. The launch price was just 99 cents and since I’d heard so much about his publishing success, I bought his book.

A day later, I asked Amazon for my 99 cents back and I posted a one star review – the lowest you can give.


Because of the gutter language that assailed me from page one.

So I want to assure you that you will not find any of that in my writings.

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For me, language can be colorful – even stunning – without resorting to the lazy options of swearing, filth and vulgarity. I write to be read and enjoyed, not to offend.

What I set out to provide for you is… a good clean read
…without erotica or sexually explicit scenes
…without graphic violence, filth or gore, and
…without profanity or vulgarity.

Please enjoy these good clean reads.

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6 comments on “A Good Clean Read”

  1. Pat Moore says:

    Looking forward to reading the free book by you that I just downloaded. Will leave reviews for you after I read it. Probably next week. Son is having surgery on Monday morning & I can read at the hospital. Also, have two books to read & review before the end of next week. Thanks for the chance to read your book.

    1. Best wishes for your son’s surgery. Hope my book helps the hours pass more pleasantly for you while you wait. Looking forward to your review.

  2. Paula Clements says:

    i love that your writing and without the vulgar words that are needed to for a good read. I have always been an avid reader from an early age and my family also. Since, becoming ill reading is my blessing. I am almost 50 and my aunt hands her books down to me and she goes through and marks through the bad words you gotta love it! Thank you, so much for making some of my bad days much better!

    1. Paula, thanks for taking the time to say so. I know that a lot of books (and TV shows) are riddled with offensive language but mine never will be. I am glad to connect with you, Paula. Best wishes.

  3. Susan Preston says:

    We are few and far between it seems. Even “Christian” authors sometimes have strange ideas on no erotica or violence.

    (My books are Christian historical, as in 1st century AD and the nearest they go to ‘bad words’ is mentioning the word ‘sodomite’ although not the meaning, in Book 2 in the series, when referring to Domitian. (Who wants to stamp out Christianity.)

    By the way, I think your website is a very good ‘ad’ for your theme. Clean and simple. Well done. Will look for your book. 🙂

    1. Susan, thanks for posting here. Please tell us a little about your books – and be sure to include links. I’m happy to help out other authors whose values are a good fit.
      Violence, unfortunately, is a part of life. But we don’t have to highlight it with detailed and gory descriptions.

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